The Koramic series available from Wienerberger represents leading European design and production in terra cotta roofing tiles. A range including a wide variety of colours – over 50 in fact, profiles and surfaces ensure a suitable product is available for every roofing solution. Essendon Tile Co recommends Wienerberger products as a significant component of any exclusive project.

Monier – Australia’s Top Cat In Roofing

Since the 1940's, Monier has been pioneering the way in concrete roof tile technology. Strict manufacturing standards, precision styling and long-lasting colour coatings combine to bring you an uncompromising range to enhance any home design.

Essendon Tile Co. offers a complete range of concrete and terracotta roof tiles from CSR Monier. Their modern, contemporary profiles and colours are performance guaranteed to suit any house style.

Wunderlich – The Lasting Beauty Of Terracotta

Wunderlich tiles are made to exacting standards and are renowned Australia wide for their exceptional and superior durability. We offer a fully written 50-year guarantee on both structural and colour performance - something a company that's been making superior quality terracotta tiles since 1916, can genuinely do.

Wunderlich roof tiles will never fade. Even after years on your roof with the sun beating down and the wind and rain battering away, Wunderlich tiles retain their colour.

Bristile Roofing –
Bring A World Of Style Home With Bristile

Bristile Terracotta tiles are formed from blends of natural clays and shales which are kiln fired to lock in their colour and ensure ultimate durability. Discerning homeowners love the rich colours which are the hallmark of a terracotta roof tile.

Concrete tiles are Australia's most popular roofing material. Homebuyers appreciate their beauty and durability and the diverse range of colours and profiles. Bristile Roofing uses only the best quality oxides to ensure long lasting and vibrant colours.

Erlus – The Very Best In German Engineering

The very right proportion of functionality and design. The roof above your head does more than just protect you against the wind and the weather. It is a symbol of a cosy home offering a sanctuary away from the many demands of modern life. It is hardly surprising that many construction clients attach particular importance to the quality and appearance of the roof tiles and favour a natural construction material when roofing their own private homes.

GCI Malaysia – The Crowning Glory Of Your Dream Home

The Most Sound Investment For Your Home Is The Roof. At times, the roof may occupy less than 50% of the exterior surface. Yet a leak in the roof has the potential of ruining 90% of the interior! How can you minimise this possibility? It's all in the GCI tiles!

It is GCI's marketing philosophy to provide every home with a roofing system that will not only protect and enhance but also to provide a home that is both thermally comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the body and soul.

Industrie Cotto Possagno – The Most Beautiful Roofs of Italian Tradition

Clay Roofing Tiles – Made In Italy

Industrie Cotto Possagno was created in the land of bent tiles, the roof tile par excellence. Technologies and production methods are new, ideas are innovative to improveperformance, but the product’s heart remains unchanged : Possagno clay and age-old lore.

Available exclusively from Essendon Tile Company Pty. Ltd. Cotto Possagno Roofing Tiles are the perfect option for Romanesque and Mediterranean Style homes and are sure to resist the test of time.

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